By FrankS

In the Garden

Jo and James came round this morning.   It was a pleasant, if a little breezy, day and we were able to sit outside in the garden.  After morning coffee we moved onto lunch. Ann had prepared a very nice dish of cannelloni and smoked salmon which went down well.

After lunch I had to go for a scheduled blood test.  We needed a couple of things in Stratford so popped down High Street and stopped off for a coffee at Bardias.

Back home I put the small lens on the Olympus and trawled the garden looking for flower pics for today's Flower Friday hosted by BikerBear.   There was plenty of choice but I decided on this plant.  Ann bought it at a NT garden shop recently, we're not sure what it is.  It looks like a bonsai tree with yellow flower heads above the leaves, we think it's a Japanese Primrose but it could be a Japanese something else (or not Japanese at all)!  The extra is a close-up of the flowers.

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