simple moments

By simplemoments

tinged with...

for flowerfriday

in a dahlia

as i was doing - some errands i passed - a store which had - out front a whole display - of flowers for sale - flats to plant - hanging baskets, patio pots - and cute little pots - you could put - into your own ceramics - well i just had to stop - it didn’t matter - i already had my patio pots - done up and out - i was on the lookout - for some white flowers

before i got very far - there they were - hanging on a wire - out of my reach - no matter what i did - i couldn’t get them - and no one was helping me - everyone just walked past - until i spied a gentleman - and asked his help - and finally, i got my pot - off the wire - and then - i saw these dahlias - pink and pretty - in a small pot - just sitting quietly waiting - for me to notice them - and then it became...


happy day.....

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