A day in the life

By Shelling

School's out

Most of the week has been busy among the various schools in and around the city of Kalmar. It's the time of year when school term stops and their summer holiday begins. A large part of them rarely have any holiday at all,  many of them start their summer job on Monday and they will be busy till the beginning of August, when some of them go for a holiday trip somewhere for the money they earned, others start preparing for the next year of studying. School usually starts around the 20th of August. For those who are done with the three years of gymnasium, adulthood starts but before that they want to celebrate this final day with their classmates well and proper. The finishing week has a whole ritual around it, when certain "last times" take place and there is generally quite a lot of partying and crying. Today is a happy day though. Normally, if Corona wasn't an issue, the classes would hire a truck of some kind and gather the whole class on the truck bed ( a word I've never used, hope it's right ) and be driven through the streets of Kalmar, while screaming, singing, shouting, drinking and dancing on the truck bed. You can see 10 trucks driving in caravan via a special route through town. This year, and last year, that wasn't allowed so this is what we saw instead, people hanging out of the window of cars while playing loud music, honking their horns and shouting.

I was in town for a vernissage. A friend of mine had her first exhibition of her own paintings in a gallery. She's also a well known singer so there was quite a large number of people interested in seeing her and her art. The extra shows you one of her paintings, I was impressed, I had no idea she had this talent. 

When I was leaving for home, a couple of friends rang to suggest an improvised meal in my garden. I bought some smoked salmon and they brought potatoes and some other necessary items to make it a good meal and we had a beautiful evening on my veranda enjoying the still of the mild evening. A good day.

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