They are over a week old now, but I haven't had the time and energy to go and see them closer before. Did it late in the evening today and managed to see them quite close. They disappeared somewhere on the opposite shore soon.

This is the first time since 2011 that the cygnets are born here. In between there have been swan families, but they have come from some other pond when the cygnets are a little older.

A hot day with temperature up to +26°C. Luckily got the last stones picked before lunch and the last fields were among the easiest. Washing and servicing machines most of the afternoon. Also topped a part of the pasture. A lot of grass left though, and I'm afraid the grass on the next field will have grown too old by the time it's needed. It may become a choice between this situation or feeding them for quite a while until the cut fields grow again, and it will be at least almost a week from now until the first cut begins.

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