By Charente


Possibly Marmalade Hoverfly - (Episyrphus balteatus - but I am not totally convinced.

31 degrees C today so pretty hot outside.  I spent over an hour scrubbing the first half of the patio tiles this morning before the sun came over the roof.  It is really hard work as it seems to get very dirty over winter and especially where a couple of shrubs hang over the tiles.  I will have a go at the next bit tomorrow but it might take me another two days to complete.  

Dinner tonight is using up a lot of leftover cooked vegetables, butternut casserole and braised red cabbage, think I might just turn it all into a frittata or serve it within egg on top. Still thinking it over!  I will of course have a salad with it whatever I decide.

Hope all is well whichever part of the world you live in.  Have a good Sunday and thanks for the visit.

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