David J. Rose

By djrose007

Ruby's 3rd Birthday

When Ruby was born we weren't sure she was going to live at all but look at her now, 3 years old.
She went to a 'Fairy Tale Farm' with her cousins (minus the twins of course) and they had a great time. 
Afterwards they all came to our house to find we'd decorated the whole garden in Helium balloons, those 'Chinese lantern' type paper balls that are generally used at Christmas, Bunting and food galore including cup cakes and a birthday cake that we made yesterday.
What a busy day but they all had a lot of fun.
Meantime, see Extra, I picked Lennon up, with the motorbike, at 0800 and took him the few miles to 'The Highwayman' country pub/restaurant which is on the way to Cirencester. He was doing a trek for his Duke of Edinburgh Award. We were a bit early but there were a few other youngsters already there, sitting in their cages (cars) with their parents. A lot of them were watching us arriving on the bike, maybe a little envious of Lennon? I hung around a while as no-one from his group were there, but as soon as they did arrive I took off. Picked him up later, around 15:30 at the Royal Geroge Hotel, Birdlip.

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