Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Mama in Bristol! We have since worked out that she last visited over 2 years ago!

First stop was tea and cake on Park Street, then down to the harbourside and a big loop past the Pump House and back the other side. We stopped at Spike Island to see some real life art for the first time in forever, then detoured south over the river and ended up on North Street for a charity shop crawl.

We saw some Upfest painting in action, and I finally visited Mon Pote in their big new home (managed to not buy anything though!) Back along East Street for more charity shops, then we got drinks in VX and sat in the shade in the park to enjoy them.

Back home for Ma’s first visit to our flat, then - together with Matt - we walked up to the Vic Park for some drinks and dinner. I suddenly wasn’t feeling very well - I think a combination of the heat and the fact I’d had 2 big coffees and a gin on an empty stomach. Thankfully when our pizzas arrived I felt much better.

Walked Ma back to the station, then slowly wandered home to enjoy the beautiful evening. Matt went out for some drinks at his old house so Bill and Maddy came over briefly for garden chats. Looooovely day.

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