By Hyperion

Gogmagog and Corineus

These figures of the mythical giant Gogmagog and the Trojan warrior Corineus who defeated him are Plymouth's latest art installation. 
Artist Charles Newington recreated the historical figures fighting on the Hoe using football pitch paint and help from the Plymouth Argyle grounds team. There is a very old and fanciful story about Brutus sailing to England with an army of Trojans. His ship is said to have landed in Totnes before they made their way to Plymouth, where they encountered an army of giants.
The story tells how there was an almighty fight on the Hoe, ending with Trojan warrior Corineus hurling Gogmagog into the sea - staining the water with blood.
The two figures have been immortalised on the grassy bank beneath the Royal Citadel - with hopes to make the installation permanent in the future. It isn't the first time the two figures have been carved into the Hoe. In the 15th Century, a 'portraiture' of Gogmagog and Corineus was cut into the ground but was famously destroyed when the Citadel - now a scheduled monument - was constructed in 1665. As always, opinion about the figures is divided. It does though have a strong visual impact and gets people talking.

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