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Oh Dark Thirty

Well, about 0415 was the real time: I had informed Mrs B that I planned an early start to take some photos at the crack of sparrows and had prepared to get dressed in another room, with my camera bags ready at the front door.  I awoke at just after 4 and spent 15 minutes debating the point.  It was much earlier than I had planned, but the horizon through a north-facing window was already pink as well as purple . . .

And I was in my car by 0434, without a plan but generally heading for high ground.  It was a gorgeous morning, with no one else silly enough to be up and about.  This photo was the last that I took with the loaned Lumix S5 (nice camera, good images, speedy AF and not too bulky, but I don't need it); the Extra was from overhead with my Mavic Air; I had not realised that we lived at the end of an escarpment.  The elevation of the ground under the Mavic is 240m and our house is at 140m, just below the trees at the end of the ridge/escarpment.

I got home and went back to bed.  Mrs B had not noticed my absence . . .

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