By Charente

Bombylius and a Froghopper

Bombylius cruciatus and Cercopis vulnerata.  

Another day that just vanished!  I had plans of taking it easy today but it never happens.  I did another third of cleaning the verandah, hopefully, tomorrow morning I can now get it finished before the sun moves on to it over the house.  I then decided to change to summer duvets so that meant changing the bed and washing the sheets.  After that, I had discovered that the breakfast cereal was low, so I made up another batch of muesli.  Meanwhile, Mr C was trying to tidy up the barn to make room for the builder who is supposed to be coming shortly to repair the one wall that has a crack in it.  Not really serious but we would be happier to have it repaired.  So I ended up going out and helping him do that job as well.  By then it was 4pm and time for a coffee for Mr C and a herbal rea for me!  Thankfully we had the last of the vegetable mixup frittata so I did not have to hassle with dinner!  We had a Haas avocado for a starter and it was delicious.

P.S. I forgot I also had to water the garden this evening, it was as dry as a bone!!

Sorry if I am behind with comments but I keep trying!!  Thanks for the visit, have a great week and keep well.

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