By Artyfartyannie

Fragile but sometimes not

..........unfortunately just like me.

The whole day was spent trying to resolve a problem......a problem of mismatched memories. I shouldn't really have bothered and now I have to leave it suspended. Well that's that........
Strangely I was up for getting a bit more organised today and I think I that I did move a step forward. I think I will switch my phone off tomorrow.......no probably won't as I know some people want to visit me. I'm very lucky that way. 
Just thinking that this photo doesn't look fragile at all so I may change it or put an extra one in
Another late night ready to go to sleep but I know what will happen when my head hits the pillow..........Much pain in the neck and shuffling about until it is less painful........Could do with a few drugs to knock me out but I'll have to stick to the paracetamol which has no effect at all !!!!!

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