Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Too Hot For Stace

Today was officially too hot for me. This, unhappily, resulted in a dodgy stomach basically all day and a little headache sneaking in during the evening. I don't think that was helped by a bad night's sleep last night. I know it sounds weird because I don't know the guy but I couldn't get to sleep very easily because I kept thinking of Eriksen collapsing on the pitch during the Denmark game. It was genuinely distressing to see and we honestly thought we'd seen a man die for a minute there, but it also brought to the forefront of my mind the not fun memories of Rich getting hospitalised last year. I know it was different but Rich having no real symptoms prior to getting admitted means I often get anxious about something dramatic happening again with no warning and I think Eriksen's collapse just reinforced the fragility of health and stuff. Oof. Anyway...

In a bid to stay as cool as possible we avoided cooking at all costs; this lunchtime salad looks pretty healthy but then I dumped cheese and croutons onto it!

Today was mostly spent stitching because it was too hot for anything else, and ended sitting in the dark watching the footie.

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