What I've Done

By JohnGravett

The Borrowdale Banksy

I'd read that these stone artworks are appearing in the Borrowdale area, created by an anonymous artist becoming known as the "Borrowdale Banksy". Typically the artworks only remain in place for a few days at the most, and locations are kept fairly quiet, as some of them are in semi-dangerous locations. They are put together entirely "dry" - so the ring of stones are simply wedged in place. 

Deb and I had parked at the Honister NT car park, and walked Dale Head, Robinson and Hindscarth. 8 miles, and almost 3000 feet of ascent. The really good news - my knee hardly hurt at all - huge progress. We've decided to re-start the Wainwrights for a second time, and as today marks 22 years since I started LPH, we thought this was a good day to start.

The artwork was somewhere on the walk! So pleased to have seen one.


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