By Charente

Could not decide........

Clematis at the top, Western Honey Bee, and potato flower at the bottom with a tiny beetle.

I finished scrubbing the tiles on the verandah before the sun come over the rooftop.   Afterwards, I roasted a turkey leg and made up a salad ready for a picnic tomorrow.  Mr C then decided that he needed to do more clearing in the barn so he needed help with that.  Plus we did a trip to the dechetterie (dump) with four large bags of bark that have come off the woodpile.  All pieces far too small to be used in starting the wood fire, and they were all taking up room in the barn.  The stonemason says he will be coming to do the wall at the beginning of July, so we have a bit of time still to clear enough room.  I gather it will be a four-day job with scaffolding to do the whole wall.  It is very high and quite wide.

The picnic tomorrow is planned to take a day off from all the jobs here and a getaway from the house.  We are planning on going to Blaye (pronounced blaj don't ask me why) where there is a place called Terres d'Oiseaux. It is located in a protected marshland area, and is one of the last reedbeds on the Gironde Estuary. The biotype is home to rare birds and numerous insects, amphibians, and mammals.   I am not sure how much I will be able to see and photograph as there is a lot of walking and Mr C is unable to walk far.  It is about 130 km away so is very much a trip for the whole day.  I am hoping there will be some good hides where Mr C can sit while I walk a bit further afield.  Hopefully, we can also find a good picnic spot.   It is going to be very hot so I am not sure just how far I will be able to walk in temperatures of over 30C.

My day off from the kitchen tonight so no planned meal.

Take care everyone and thanks for the visit.

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