Life through the lens...

By ValC

Must have a scratch.

These young calves are growing fast and so inquisitive.
“ What is that women doing? Pointing that black box at us.”
“ No idea, but must scratch that tickle.”

A much cooler day, and again no sun, but better for walking.
First job this morning was our Click and Collect from Sainsburys.
Then home. Stripped the bed and a washer full of sheets and pillow cases.
The final spin, and suddenly heard a horrendous banging noise.
Turned the washer off, and took the sheets out.
One had lots of dirty marks on it. Obviously something wrong.
Rang my local repair shop, and to cut a long story short a new washer is being delivered tomorrow.
When I checked the receipt, I hadn’t realised it was14 years old. So hasn’t done too bad.
Just two repairs and Mr C said it had actually cost £29. a year. So can’t grumble.
Have decided on another Bosch.

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