By Pictastic

Steadying the nerves!

Woke up feeling a bit stressed today as seems I have an awful lot on. Managed to knock a few work tasks on the head early on which took a bit of pressure off. I also had a midday meeting about 30 mins away and the countryside down that way is so beautiful that it was a real antidote to my stress to drive there and back!

Mind you, was stressed again this afternoon watching Scotland’s first football match in the Euros! A 2-0 defeat to Czechs wasn’t a great start and as any Scotland sports fan will know, it’s a tough job being a Tartan Army supporter.

Caught up with a friend late afternoon who insisted I needed a G & T (medicinal!) to steady my nerves while awaiting the final footie result. After, we walked our dogs together in the park by the cemetery and came across this angel ‘mobile’ hanging from a tree. I liked it, felt like a reminder not to get too stressed about this life!

Been a while since I took part in mono Monday but think my blip today suits the monochrome scheme and the theme of ‘steady’ so will tag as MM386. Thanks to Majoayee for hosting!

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