One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Mono Monday

The man in the shorts and woolly hat is a regular on the west pier. His two labradors follow him like his shadow. Especially the black one. 

Dropped Finn to his end of 6th class Adventure Day on Killiney Hill. He was in great form when I collected him. Apparently there had been no shortage of adventures. They made friendship bracelets, and elderflower tea, and transferred the colours of flowers onto a silk screen with a hammer, and somehow the hammer was also used for a bit of parkour which combined jumping from stumps and throwing the hammer or juggling with it. Then he mock bayonetted his friend Camilla, and then they played a fun world war II game when they tortured each other. 
I told him that I would write an email to the principal and compliment her on the wide array of fun activities arranged for them but he got worried. He asked me if I'd kindly not mention the violent death and torture re-enactments. Actually he asked me to perhaps not write an email at all. I suspect that he may have limited trust in me...

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