Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Stranger in a strange land.

Some Wazzack packer sent me a 1.25" tap connector in lieu of the 1" I asked for and for a change I can prove it was their fault not mine since the paperwork clearly says 1" and the item measures 1.25".
So - return for exchange.
We no longer have a Post office, as such; we have a Post Office hidden in the depths of Spar and another lurking in W H Smith.  Round to Spar - a queue of three folk outside on the footpath. ergo round to Smiths.
During the drive round and subsequent wander down Angel Lane and Square I felt a bit like an "offcomer" tourist, the number of places which have closed, moved, or changed hands/use.  I wasn't close enough and coudn't be harassed to take the extra steps to find what lurks in "Holland and Barrat, as was", re-Christened Grape Tree (I alway thought they were known as "Vines" B T W).  There's enough in the window/shot to offer a bit of a clue.
I'm almost tempted to have a wander round as a tourist to see what's fresh.

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