Sight restored, Lifeline Express hospital train

Mr Tanwar (80) has just had an operation to restore his sight on board IMPACT's Lifeline Express hospital train in India.

Both his wife and daughter-in-law have passed away, and his son and granddaughter are his only remaining family. His son (who earns a daily wage as a labourer) could not afford to lose out on a day's pay, so Mr Tanwar was accompanied to hospital by his two year old granddaughter as his carer.

Our colleagues in India describe how, 'in spite of all their problems, Mr Tanwar and his family are happy in their own world. The Lifeline Express is like a blessing for him. He told us that he cannot even think of affording surgery, but here at Lifeline Express he was operated free of cost'.

178 other patients also underwent cataract surgery during this month-long project in Biyavra, Madhya Pradesh. Operations to restore hearing and movement and to repair cleft lip are also carried out on board the hospital train.

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