Big Day Out

A small group from our photo club (If you're reading, the rest of you, you missed out, big time) took ourselves off to Cockatoo Island, former convict penal settlement and naval shipyard and the largest island in Sydney Harbour.
What fun we did have.
It is the most beautiful and fascinating place, layered with history.
Thanks to the wonders of Blip, I can tell you that I have visited five times in the last ten years, usually when it was host to the Sydney Biennale, and mentioned, probably on each occasion, that the buildings and remnant machinery are the real stars.

A lot of trouble choosing, but in the end came down on the side of the people. There are many of them who volunteer and the main blip is of one, using a grinder. 
His portrait is the first extra.
I told him I'd email his photo, but it won't surprise you to learn that he has no email.
The second extra is of another couple of volunteers, two more lovely people, who shared their enthusiasm and love of their work, and the island.
And the last extra is an over the top image of my favourite bridge.

Have swapped. Sorry.

It's been a long day.  Will check you out tomorrow.

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