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Even more unlocked 
We’ve had a packed day. This morning we walked around the nearby St David’s Head and over Carn Llidi . A beautiful walk on a wonderful  sunny day with glorious views up and down the coast. 
This evening we went out on a boat around the Island of Ramsey and out to some of the outer islands. It was a lovely sunny evening but photography was impossible from a very bumpy rocky boat when the birds were flying around and wouldn’t keep still. Also we had to wear masks (which frankly was ridiculous in all that fresh air) and my glasses were steamed up and covered in salt spray. 
In the end we gave up and just enjoyed the birds and the scenery. No idea what we saw or what the guide said as it was very difficult to hear above the noise of the boat and everything said through a mask.
 After the boat we had decided it would be a good idea to cycle the short distance to St David’s to have a beer and some fish and chips. We had the beer but everything seems to close at 8pm so we just managed to blag the last of the chippy’s supply of chips and a couple of those humongous sausages which are about 90% non meat ,  which was ok because we were so hungry !

Extra,  Razorbills?

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