By FlyingPRGal

Cooling Off

This was my brief look at the outside world today watching the train pull away. I pulled a late shift at my desk trying to catch up on film office work as it’s a bit cooler at last. My office was up to 28.4C the last few days and I really struggled to get much done in the heat of the afternoons.

I am desperately in need of a back blip catch up from the past two months. I have all my photos saved in my camera roll ready to add. It’s been crazy working hours filming on location and in between I’ve been sleeping or trying to take time out catching up with friends outside and spending time with my support bubble best buddy which keeps me sane!

I’m still on strict filming covid protocols with the productions I’m working on which means greater than current social distancing rules and testing if meeting family indoors. Most friends have been understanding but it is a pain and I do feel a little like I’m still on a lockdown.

Several friends are asking to come and visit me at home but until the rules change it’s outside only for now. I’m just grateful to be able to work after a difficult year of reduced income so will keep up the routine for now. Hope you are staying safe blippers.

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