Life Savors

By osuzanna

A Bee and a Bit of Blue

...for Tiny Tuesday.  

We had terrible thunderstorms last night that ushered in beautiful cooler dryer weather today. 

Last night my camera club had an end-of-year competition and an outdoor picnic where we met in person for the first time in 15 months..  Everyone in the club has been vaccinated.  It was so nice to see everyone.

Unfortunately, when the storms moved through last night, the president of our club's house was hit by lightning.  Actually, the deck was hit by lightning igniting the butane bottle on the gas grill and the subsequent explosion set the house on fire.  Everyone escaped including the pets, but the house was completely lost.  I saw film of the fire on the local news and was stunned at the devastation.  The very fine people of our camera club went to work immediately organizing aid and relief for them.  

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