While on my runs

By waipushrink

Looking Back on 2020, by Paul Walsh

It takes very little time really for me to have a haircut. Nevertheless it is many months since I last went to see Jassy at St Lukes Mall. And probably I would still be thinking about it but S booked a time for me to work in with her also seeing Jassy. 

While waiting for S to be ready, I had a brisk walk to Morningside, where I found a relatively new mural by Paul X Walsh. It seems it was painted in November 2020. The mural depicts someone described by Walsh as a "reeally obscure" actor; Jack Truth (hence the letters on the chest).

When I got back to St Lukes Mall, we went to Grey Lynn and the restaurant I was at a week ago for Peer Review. A really tasty dinner of small plates (ample for us), before heading north after the heavy traffic had ceased.

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