By evolybab

Wide Wednesday Reflections

I took myself off to the park this morning, before it got too hot, to find an image for today's challenge..... Quite disappointed that nothing really stood out. Maybe it was too early and the sun wasn't high enough...or something like that! So, just the river Chew, which seemed to be the best of a mediocre set. There is a dog in the very far distance,  like a black dot !!
Got home to find an email from the energy supplier I have been arguing with for two months,  advising the recent final account sent to me has been cancelled, and I am in credit of 1pence which will be paid into my bank shortly.....Haha, but a victory of sorts.
Also bought a large floppy, straw sun hat, a bit late really, as its turned grey and cloudy and storms are forecast....the garden is desperate :)

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