By Ingleman

Out Of Every Adversity...

... comes an equal and opposite opportunity.

Today is a case in point.

Drive from Wolverhampton to Shirley in Solihull, along the M54, M6 and M42. In 28 degrees of heat. Hideous!
Take Hollie dog to Willows Veterinary Referral Services to have her damaged leg x ray'd and examined, following the failure of two previous operations to repair her broken carpal joint.
Previous repair has failed and our vet agreed the referral as Willows are speialist orthopaedic surgeons. She needs imminent surgery but the prognosis is good. Amputation is an extreme option which is being avoided at all costs. Costs being the operative word... My bank balance is shrinking at an alarming rate. I worked for 46 years to save up to pay vets fees, apparently.
Anyhow, a solution is in sight. And whilst we waited we had a delectable lunch and walk round Shirley Nature Reserve. A little gem of a place, so beautifully laid out and well maintained. With a lake. And pair bonded Herons. And a Little Egret. And other common wildfowl. And acres of wild flowers. And a beautiful memorial garden.
It was a delight. I also spoke to a lovely couple from South Africa who picnic here regularly, and chatted for a while. It was splendid, and none of that would have happened if we hadn't got up at the crack of dawn to endure the journey from hell, would it?

Time will tell but we are hopeful Hollie will be OK this time. Surgery in two weeks, three months recovery and cage rest.

It could be worse, I could be commuting to Birmingham every day, as a punishment for my 'crimes'..... 

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