By cassnett

Herring Boats

Whilst researching for a friend who has created and maintains the Small Boat Ship Register I came across this very old picture of fishing boats - I thought at first due to the numbering of one of the boats that it might have been taken of Weymouth - but information has recently come through to say that it is Whitby 
Visited Whitby many years ago - home of Dracula - Bram STOKER's classic book and very popular with the Goths - some folk thought that Dracula was real and that he was buried in the churchyard of St Mary's which can be reach by climbing 199 steps - which hubby and I have done - first visit to the church it felt very creepy - but on a subsequent visit there was a Christmas Tree Festival - a very different church indeed

I have tweaked the colour of old picture a little to highlight the REFLECTIONS and use it for my entry for BobsBlips challenge 

Question:  I was told there were "Three Mules" in the picture - could not see them can you? - Will reveal the answer tomorrow unless anyone out there knows it already 

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