If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

A rare sight!

No not Clickychick jogging that isn't a rare sight, it is what she is jogging beside which is the rare sight.  The farmer has either had a lot of grant aid or very deep pockets.  Over winter all the hedges round this field were completely removed, Oh I thought they weren't the best of hedges but it isn't good they are being removed.

Just when I thought they had finished works started on a new fence, or to be correct fences.  In between they had built what we up here would probably call "t'dyke back" ( the mound the hedge is planted on ).  The Dyke Back was planted with a double row of "whips" in correx tubes as you can see.   The final touch was the roadside hedge on the main road into the village was replaced but leaving all the young trees which are now 20 cm (8") in diameter.

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