Desperately seeking

By clickychick


The start of chaos!

At about 9am the men arrived to remove our solar panels. This involved one of them going up into the loft to disconnect the power supply then both of them were up on the scaffolding removing the panels. Just as they had begun more men arrived. These were the scaffolders needing to put more scaffolding up round the rest of the house. 

The two sets of workers could have got on with their jobs, but no! The scaffolders went saying they'd be back later in the week. This was the easy day. I dread the tiles and roofing felt being taken off next week, we have such a lot of stuff in our loft and we are due a lot of rain next week.

I shouldn't have left blipping or jogging so late. The mossy saxifrage and I were both very wet. I ran along, inspired by one of my blipmates who always reassures me it's nice to run in the rain. Thank you Technophobe.

C2 5K: W6 R1

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