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Rnd 4 - Wk 23 - Corn Chowder

Souper - Steven

Soup - Corn Chowder

Verdict - Corn-Holio, Corn-Utopia, Corn-Delight, Corn-to-be-Wild, Corn-Troversial, Uni-Corny, Corn-Star*

*****Extras - Herby Rolls, Handmade Croutons, Malteser Cake, Lemon Drissle Cake and Raspberry Macaroons.


2 Large Potatoes
2 Small Onions
400 grams Corn
Vegetable Stock
400m Cream
400m Milk
Fresh Chives


Finely chop onions
Cube the potatoes
Fry the onions and potatoes until the onions are soft
Add stock, cream and milk
Cook for 5 minutes
Add corn and chives
Cook for a further 5 minutes
Garnish with chives and serve

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