By Thepainterswife

Dad and the 1965 Holden station wagon

Photo credit to Dad.
He is on another one of his trips around the country with his mates. This time to the Coromandel, where we lived from the early 1960's to late 70's. I was born there as were my brothers.
So Dad imported this 1965 red Holden station wagon back then and it was our family car, I remember many trips in it. Long road trips up to Auckland with us three young children in the back with no seat belts!
He sold it when we moved to Auckland, to another local in Coromandel.

Today he and his mates found it again in Coro, with only its 3rd owner. It looks in pretty good shape to me.
Fond memories.

Dad and his mates are aged from 70 late 80's , and regularly go off on short breaks together. They remind me a bit of the Last of the Summer Wine crew!

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