love light

By lrw

Secret Beach

Hannah I were out of a short hike along what is locally known as Secret Beach. Secret because there is no easy nor obvious way to get to it. Once you know how to get there though, it's pretty easy. A little scrambling down an embankment through a bit of a bush area and voila. 

She's been having a bit of trouble at school these days and the online school because of The Great Confinement has not been a good experience for her. I've taken to suggesting she and I get out for hikes or bike rides every few days just to help her get out of the house and get at least a little exercise. It seems to be helping her spirits quite a bit so I think I'll keep it up. 

We did not go all that far on this day but vowed to return and walk as far as we can (and we did a couple of weeks later as you will see if you have a look through to June 16, but I've not posted that yet ;) )

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