Elwetritsches Welt

By Elwetritsche

A Beakful

A beakful for the hungry (extra).

For the second time this year Herr and Frau Amsel have been succesfully breeding under the roof of my bacony. And again one of the Amselkinder is sitting on the balcony, this one knocking(!) on the door to be blipped.
It's digestion works wonderfully, too, I noticed.
It's still sitting there, now hiding in a corner. It seems there is always one Amselkind a bit cowardish; but of course it's a long way down to the grass. I will give it some more time.
It's so hot out there. Would be much nicer in the grass and under the shrubs for it, me thinks.

Another blipday - 11 years. Who would have known when it all started in 2010?
I believe it was the 25th of June and I started blipping because it was the FIFA World Cup taking place in South Africa and a postcard was send to South Africa (Postcrossing) and I was texting blipper Chiaroscuro in postcrossing, wondering if the postcard or our football players would arrive in South Africa first. She is one of the earliest blippers I think, and introcuded me to blipfoto. Nice memories.

Thank you all for visiting my journal.

19:15; 31°C

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