By Majoayee

It’s nice to cuddle!

This bud is cuddling up to the rose!  Sooc, taken with my Canon 70D and my 60mm lens. F2.8, 1/250. Iso 200.  I love this image.  It’s rose time now!  

Another eventful day!  First B and two close friends came round for a light lunch: choice of instant soup with rye sourdough, with butter or peanut butter, then strawberries and salted caramel ice cream and coffee and some shortbread one of them brought!  So great getting together!

Then Ro and I were off to get my new glasses:third time lucky??  The jury is out.  I’m trying them for a week.  Will I never be able to have a crisp focus as I look down the road etc?  
The one thing I can say is that the lady who dealt with us and has since the beginning is so patient and really charming.

Then as we were in M &S we looked at the trousers for me -for a wedding in July.   I hate dresses.  Came out with a pair and two shirts.  Hoping I still like them when I try them on again at home! ( It’s a formal occasion) Again we dealt with a lovely lady who went off to get me lots of things to try on!   Ro was sat just opposite so he could comment too!  It’s great at the moment as there was hardly anyone trying clothes on! 

Now it’s footie and more footie! The rest of the day was wonderful! 

Hope you have all had a good week and now have a good weekend!  Happy Father’s Day to all fathers! 

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