Cumbria Here I Come

By marpaul

A trip to Kirkby Thore today to look at the poppies, except when I got there there weren't any!  Its a year ago today when I last blipped them.  I got chatting to a local couple who told me that the farmer had turned the field.  So very disappointing.  Anyhow did a walk in the area which was also disappointing as the map showed a pond but when we eventually got there it was very overgrown.  We did manage to wade our way through long grass, stinging nettles and other spikey stuff, but if I'd let Misty go in the pond she'd never have been able to get out.  So back to the car and drove to Acorn Bank a National Trust place.  Its the first time I've been there and we had a wander through the woods and Misty was able to cool down in the stream.Its been a hot and humid day.   Its a lovely place but a shame that dogs aren't allowed in the garden.  

On our walk to the pond some of the hedge was covered in silky webs.  Have been looking online and it could be Ermine Moth Larvae.  It was interesting to  see.  Another photo in the collage of Misty sitting next to a smelly slurry pipe.  The things I get her to do for blip!  

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