Desperately seeking

By clickychick

White Comfrey

The builders arrived on time and weren't long in stripping the tiles off the roof, They were filling up the skip before I had even realised it had been plonked on the drive. With everything going to plan we made a trip with a car full of stuff to the recycling centre.

On a walk through the village with The Man, he noticed these white flowers and used his phone app to identify them. White Comfrey - Symphytum officinale. I'd never come across a white variety before so I thought I'd blip it. 

A member of the borage family, I've always thought of comfrey as a herbal remedy but actually, it's extremely toxic!

This afternoon The Man went to see The B-I-L, that gave me a quiet time, well, except for the thumping with hammers on the roof. I used the time to finish off clearing all my files off my old laptop. The Man can now use it instead of my old, old laptop.

Lake District Blipmeet on Tuesday.

C2 5K: W6 R2

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