By TheOttawacker

Wednesday night, near midnight

I've been working quite hard recently. I'm doing a pro bono edit on a book called The Official Guide to Liverpool F.C. Programmes, 1945-2020. It's almost 1,000 pages long and each page requires careful editing.

It's a labour of love - primarily for its author, Andy, who is a good sort. But also now, after 15 months of work, for me. 

It has taught me quite a few things: 1) I know frig all about anything, even my specialist subject; 2) It is hard to keep 1,000 pages of information in your head as you are editing; 3) Run-on sentences belong to the Devil; 4) It is possible to over-use a colon.

I've had, for various reasons, to make sure the cut-off date is June 30. So, midnight oil is being burned and far too much alcohol consumed. I have even had to surrender my Fitbit to Ottawacker Jr., to aid in his quest to reach Everest,

Feel free to purchase the book... all profits go to charity (possibly the Marina Dalglish Cancer Foundation). You'll rarely spend a more entertaining £50. Ignore the March date on the Extra Photos, we were optimistic. But it will be out this summer.

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