Photos from A Field

By RandallFriesen

Taking care of business (with a fizzy friend)

Well, after a very long week of very long meetings in a format that's getting very old, Zoom, I'm glad to report that they are completed. What that means however is that tonight I'm at the office catching up with some of my regular duties before Sunday comes. 

Lauralea is at home connecting with a friend, and I am here with my friend, bubbly fizzy water. She made me a great supper and I overdid it, and now I'm paying the price for that. I should make it very clear that it is my fault that I'm suffering with indigestion now, because I ate too much, and not her fault at all. 

But tonight bubbly grapefruit fizzy water is helping me calm things down and get my work done.  :) 

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