By tigg

Farewell Lee

Our last full-time Vicar left 5 years ago, and after we had two unsuccesful attempts to recruit another someone was placed within the Parish - well team of parishes - to trouble shoot, analyse, prepare and report to the Bishop. This is what Lee did;  soon after he was appointed as the Team Rector as his wife was appointed Bishop of a local sea. (Bet that is an English term!) His wife has now been appointed to a Diocese in the south, and so Lee moves on. He was licensed on March 13th last year, just a few days before we went into lockdown. What a strange appointment,  so difficult for him and for us. So now we are without, again.

I sat at the back of the church this morning - all socially distanced of course and a bonus of that choice was me being able to take a snap with my phone. Of course the presentation was the main subject to post, but I was captivated by the expression of Christ on the cross which hung above me. I took this from my seat.

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