... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Indoor Blip: Pinging Pulsar

Less linear in large

I first posted the Pulsar-23 on 3rd June when I'd only just set it up and hadn't yet patched it; it is a semi-modular synth so has a default routing that allows it to produce sound without patching, but new and alternative connections can be made by connecting the various patch points with crocodile clip cables... Since then, the Pulsar Buddy (circuit board above the black Pulsar) has arrived, enabling non-standard time signatures and polyrhythms, and I've got much more tied up in patch cables... It is a sonic sandpit.

This is actually a fairly straightforward patch from this morning, with the Pulsar Buddy providing the bass drum and percussion channels with beat and triplet triggers (yellow and green cables mostly), and the snare channel having its band pass filter pinged and modulated via Pulsar connections (blue, red, and white cables mostly).

Other angles/details here (or right from Controls and cables)

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