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Heron Fail (Thursday 17th June 2021)

A local photographer posted online a good shot of a heron taken that morning in Castlefields Park, so later in the day when I went into Calne for my weekly shop I took my super-zoom camera with me in case it was still there. My first port of call was the church to see if the peregrine falcon was there (it wasn't) and then I made my way to Chaveywell Bridge, where to my surprise the grey heron was still at the same spot. I got a shot of it but after focusing precisely on the heron, the camera autofocus decided I really wanted a shot of some nearer cow parsley.

I then moved out of the way to socially distance for some approaching loudly talking dog walkers, who then took up my spot on the bridge. Thinking I had got my shot I wasn't too bothered by their rudeness and took a lower side path instead, hoping for a closer view.

Unfortunately the cow parsley had grown in such profusion that the heron was hidden from view until I reached this small gap. After one shot (at the equivalent of 350mm) it gave its primeval shriek and took off along the canal.

I had earlier prepared a pelargonium shot for Abstract Thursday (in Extras) but decided I preferred the flawed heron.

Day 28 - Decayed Irises #1  #2

Sunday 20.6.2021 (2103 hr)

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Taken with Nikon Coolpix P900 (24-2000mm 135 equivalent bridge camera)

Walking To Castlefields Park, Calne, 17 June 2021 (Flickr album of 17 photos)

In The Woodland Garden, 17-18 June 2021 (Flickr album of 18 photos)

The Woodland Garden (June 2021) (Flickr album)(Work in progress)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - More, More, More Of Your Love (recorded by 21 February 1966, Hitsville, Detroit MI)
I've reached the Miracles in my Motown trawl. By the end of the sixties they were becoming too schmaltzy but hit a peak in the mid sixties, the album Away We A Go-Go being an example. This pounding piano-led number from the album was planned to be a third single, but was never released.

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