WestConnex St Peters

The security fence on the Princes Highway side has been removed and we can now access the first section of the so-called green space in, around and above the new interchange.

This is a new cycle/pedestrian path, but today no one was using it. In their absence, Mr SF obligingly walked up to the viewing area.

I like the panels (not pictured) giving the history of the area, complete with early maps, reproductions of colonial paintings and historic photographs. At the Campbell Rd end there’s an acknowledgment of the traditional owners, the Gadigal and Kameygal people of the Eora nation, and the original name of this area - Bulanaming. And there are 18 new public artworks.

Unfortunately, other parts are still out of reach, including the new hill which has already suffered a land slip. And the land itself is contaminated.

Thanks for hosting random_angel. It’s not quite all systems go.

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