David J. Rose

By djrose007

Brambles and a Gull

After all of the excitement of the weekend and father's day it was pretty quiet in our house today.
We've started painting in the sitting room, taking it easy and starting with the window area and doors.
Took Jonty out for a little walk, it's all he want's now but we know why at least. When he was having his dental work done last week they did a blood test. It is likely, but not confirmed, that he has Cushing's disease. He'll have another couple of years yet so that will take him up to 16, not bad for a dog. We'll see how he gets on and control his diet and add liver to it.
While walking I only took two photograph, both standing in the same spot. Flowers on a Bramble, never noticed how pretty they are. While taking that shot there was a gull going around and around so tried to get a shot of it. As soon as I pointed the camera towards it the decision was taken to fly away. So you got a shot of it's back end, sorry about that!

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