By Jamjar

The Saints Way, Lanivet - Fowey

Part 2 and again a lot of walking along sunken, old paths, some of which were very overgrown. There seemed to be a lot more hills today, but perhaps it was just that me and my legs were tired because Strava doesn't agree! 

We made good time and reached Fowey at about half two, meaning that we'd got an hour before getting on the coach back to Padstow. But after paddling  - two actually swam - and going to the official walk end at the church, there was only time for an ice cream before tackling the final hill to the carpark.

Luckily I didn't have to drive all the way back to Derby as my cousin Sue had offered to have me stay for the night, and Exeter was quite far enough!

12.84 miles
1,636 feet elevation gain 

619 miles for £57 fuel = excellent!

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