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By NatureWatcher

Bee orchid

This morning I went for a walk on Llynclys Common.  It's limestone so is good for butterflies and orchids.  There weren't many butterflies although I did see Common Blue and Dingy Skipper (extra). 

There were lots of wild flowers and five types of orchid - Bee, Greater Butterfly (extra photo), Pyramidal, Common Spotted and Common Twayblade.

My main photo is the Bee orchid which mimics a female bee to attract the male which should pollinate the flower.  However, there isn't the right type of bee in the UK so it's evolved to self polinate.

I called at F's house on my way home and made him a sandwich.  He's working really hard on the altered kitchen and was making a brick arch over his newly placed window frame before fitting the new window.  He's demolishing his outside lavatory gradually and cleaning up and cutting the recycled bricks to make the arch.  (I would have added an extra of it but it uploads sideways).

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