Stacks of stones (and the Farne Islands)

Far too long since we last went to Lindisfarne, only 15 miles away. Good weather again today, and the tides were right to cross the causeway for a late afternoon/evening walk, so we packed a picnic and went.

It was glorious - more like the Med than Northumberland! We had a thoroughly enjoyable walk. To the south-east, by the shore, are dozens of stone stacks, far more than when we last visited. On the horizon in the Blip (best viewed large) you can just see the Farne Islands, Longstone (of Grace Darling fame), with its red and white lighthouse, towards the left. St Mary's Church, and two different views of the Castle in extras.

As we finished the walk and headed back to the car park, we could see lots of seals lying together on the sandbank, and hear their eerie cries!

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