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In Scotland we haven't had a vaccination proof as other parts of the UK have, this is available though and is recommended if you are going away. I know I'm only going within Scotland but thought I'd play safe. It's also evidence for my own sake. There is an alternative being produced soon I believe.
It's interesting the way people are using lateral flow tests. One person I know is using them daily as she wants to be as sure as she can that she is not taking infection around with her. Another friend, a primary teacher, has a child in her class positive and asked if anybody could let her have a test. I was astounded that she didn't have any nor had used any. I thought most teachers had been issued with them on a regular basis since Easter. I know their reliability is not 100% but I think I'd be using them if I was in a relatively high risk job. Me, I'm doing as I'm told and doing them twice a week. At least my negatives are contributing to the figures, at the moment they need as many negative results as possible recorded in Edinburgh. I don't know how numbers have got so high. The visitor numbers have gone up and town is much busier so I guess that may have something to do with it as well as hospitality opening up more.
Church this morning followed by a walk home. Colin ran me into town after lunch to the Guide shop in Coates Crescent. It looks just the same as when I used to go there in the 60s, the contents have changed though! Eilidh was making her promise in Brownies today, they're meeting outside in Inverleith Park during the Pandemic. I bought her a Brownies sling bag, a purse and a note block to celebrate. I told her she was a 4th generation member of a guiding family.
I picked her up from after school club where she had changed into her uniform and we went for a coffee and babycino in Mimis. She was very pleased with her gift and very excited about her Brownie promise.
This evening we did little! It rained around 6.30 and 7.30 so at least I didn't have to water the garden. We're enjoying having home grown lettuce and radish with our salads. The joys of summertime.
Keep safe everyone

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