By isbi

Warren Wetlands

Warren is quite near to the Macquarie Marshes, a large wetland in central NSW. We considered going out there today but decided to wait till we get the new ute with 4WD.
Instead we walked around the much smaller wetlands at Warren which was a pretty good alternative.

We had planned one more night away but a couple of things decided us to go back tonight. One is greater Sydney, on which we are at the extreme western border, has gone back into a two week lockdown. The government tried its best to limit the restrictions but apparently this latest Delta variant is just too virulent.
It’s not going to bother us personally and as we were planning to go back to the farm to stay for a while on return anyway it’s a bit of déjà vue. I feel most for the businesses who suffer and the brides with weddings planned. They have actually said weddings can still go ahead this weekend which is good.

On the way home we passed by the farm were I grew up. First extra. Isn’t it beautiful!

The second extra shows it may be the bush but some things still apply. (The door of the cafe had a sign saying “Kick muddy boots off please”).

One more thing: there is a mouse plaque on out here. We could see them scampering all over the road in the headlights.

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