Ragged Robin Day #12

 Always have a ragged robin photo on the 27 June. No reason just do. I was worried this year as they have only appeared over the last week so they are all a bit straggly at the moment. Add to a strong wind all day it was not the best day for photographing delicate exposed wild flowers.

In the extra there is the NorthLink ferry Hjaltland steaming into Lerwick this morning. It's our daughters wedding at the end of the week and her siblings were on board for the event. Arranging a wedding in these Covid times has been a stressful challenge mainly for the bride and groom but outwardly at least they have coped very well.  Our eldest is a resident of the Netherlands so he has had to isolate in Aberdeen for 10 days and our other son who lives just outside Aberdeen decided that he and the family would isolate for 10 days as they don't want to miss the event. Fingers crossed.

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