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Diamonds are forever....

How lovely to see the sun this morning and the very welcome warmer temperatures, too. Sunday today, so church first, we're planning in hope for a BBQ in the grounds in August. Should be OK we've plenty of room, which is one of the advantages of being away from the city centre. We normally gather in the small garden behind the church but I think we may be at tables in the car park this year. That way we'll be able to space out so that people feel safe and comfortable.

Back home I drove over and took Ali into town, then popped into Boots for a couple of things.
I spent most of the rest of the afternoon in the garden. I had lots of energy today after being wiped out for most of yesterday. Very strange.
My blip is of a drop of water left from yesterday's rain, it's among the leaves of a pretty blue balloon flower which comes back faithfully each year.

I cleaned a horizontal drain pipe under the kitchen window, which I had hung a wee triple pot from. The flowers in the pot are doing well but the amount of moss and algae growing on the pipe was embarrassing, it's much better now I've cleaned it, see extra.

I weeded the front garden's rose bed and borders and then moved into the back garden where I tidied up the veg. I have carrots around an inch across the top, how exciting! The runner beans are flowering as are the peas, the broad beans are starting to form as the flowers die off. The courgette plants are enormous and I think the flowers are starting to form. There is enough lettuce to stock Sainsburys! My radishes have gone to seed because we weren't eating them quickly enough, still taste ok though. My summer purple sprouting broccoli is sprouting, the potatoes are in flower and the shallots spreading. The huge crop of black currants are turning black and the raspberries are forming. The garden is full of activity, the only thing not doing very much are the 8 onion plants I planted. I've never grown them before so I'll just see how it goes, the long green shoots are there, but don't know if anything else is happening.

We opted for a biryani for dinner from the take away next door, probably had something to do with the wonderful spicey smells wafting over. That and the fact that I couldn't be bothered thinking about food.

Keep safe and well folks, what a lot of new cases there are.

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